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What We Do

The United States is seeing addiction death tolls climb with each passing year, amounting to over 200,000 overdoses and alcohol-related deaths seen in 2020 alone (CDC). Although many efforts are underway, most of them focus on the opioid crisis. What we are actually seeing is an addiction epidemic of colossal proportion. Addiction leaves many Americans homeless, hopeless and defeated. With an ever-changing atmosphere of insurance coverage and funding, individuals find it nearly impossible to recover from addiction with the confidence and stability they need and deserve.


Access to Recovery Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Providence, Rhode Island. We specialize in producing a replication of the proven-successful ATR Grant, which was previously federally funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration from 2010 to 2014. This requires the development of revenue sources from the recovery community, by the recovery community, for the recovery community. This includes a strong partnership with effective community partners, as well as utilization of evidence-based models. The results yield a steady, sustainable revenue stream which funds a voucher system. These vouchers are used to eliminate financial barriers for indigent individuals whom lack access to support, such as safe recovery housing, transportation, healthy gym memberships, etc. Access to Recovery Inc. oversees the creation, dissemination and implementation of these vouchers.


Access to Recovery Inc. is unique in that our workforce is entirely volunteer-based, allowing for more funds to directly benefit those whom we serve. We are comprised of a board of director’s that are based in the community. Board members have experience with Recovery, backgrounds in business management and the majority consist of former recipients of an ATR Grant. This ensures the core belief and commitment that this model works, as they are living proof of that. All efforts are entirely funded through private donations. 


Mission Statement

Access to Recovery Inc.’s mission is to facilitate access to recovery for those whom suffer from addiction so they may initiate and sustain a pathway of long-term recovery, parallel to fortifying the existing evidence-based solutions in the community. We believe that eliminating financial barriers for individuals to connect to a community of recovery will afford them an opportunity to once again become responsible, productive and contributing members of society.



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