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Many people endure an abundance of financial burdens while staying sober, such as paying off debt accrued from their addictions, court costs, child support, previous overdue taxes and more. Access To Recovery believes that these types of financial barriers should not prohibit someone from succeeding in their recovery process. We award small financial assistance grants to help indigent individuals experiencing hardships associated with addiction. These funds can help to access safe sober housing, transportation and basic needs as well as eliminate barriers to securing gainful employment.

Our Recovery Capital Funds are provided entirely with donations and are administered in part by our team of Volunteer Ambassadors. Each Ambassador works closely with closely with individuals to ensure they qualify for our funding and are connected to a recovery community that helps to boost their social capital.

   If you have no income or money in savings and are in need of financial assistance for recovery/sober housing or other basic needs that impede your ability to build recovery capital, please reach out to one of our volunteer ambassadors below to see if we can help.



Access To Recovery has paused this service due to limited funding available. Please check back in April 2024. We are proud to have made the impacts noted below with this program:

Number of Persons Served: 504
Nights Paid for in a Recovery House: 5,906
Recovery House Support Dollars: $124,026
Basic Needs Support Dollars: $25,898
Utility and Phone Support Dollars: $6,021
Other Recovery Needs Support Dollars: $14,703
Total Amount of Support: $170,648

These dollars were acquired entirely through donations and foundation gifts, and the work to get them into the hands of those who need them most was performed 100% by our volunteers. We aim to continue this work as soon as possible.

Should you need financial support for recovery housing in Rhode Island, we encourage you to call (401)942-STOP to see if you qualify for state-funded opportunities


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