Access To Recovery believes that the individuals who reside in a state certified recovery house should not have to endure the burden of rent payment while they are seeking medical attention. This ensures individuals can focus on their wellness and health without fear of losing their housing due to financial status.

Qualifying candidates must:

  • Be a resident in a Rhode Island certified recovery house. See list here.

  • Have little or no income

  • Be in recovery from alcohol and/or substance misuse

  • Be willing to complete a request form


  • Funds awarded will be paid directly to the recovery house, not individuals

  • Requests may not exceed $300 total per person

  • Funds can be requested per night or multiple nights.

  • Proof of medical stay is required. Examples include but are not limited to Emergency Rooms, Crisis Stabilization Units and Rehabilitation Centers. 

This offering has been made possible by RICARES