Jeffrey is a person living in longterm recovery. He has spent his time in Recovery volunteering at several community-based nonprofits throughout Rhode Island. Having been a successful recipient of the ATR grant himself in 2013, he inherently believes the model to be effective. He is committed to using his experience and knowledge to serve as a Director for Access to Recovery Inc. His hopes are to give people new in recovery the same tools and opportunities that were so vitally necessary in redirecting his own life.



Courtney has a passion for high impact community organizations. He’s been a board member for the past twelve years of a charity that funds a children's home in Nepal that has served over 75 children with housing, food, and education. He also volunteers in various recovery-based community organizations in Rhode Island and in his home state of Utah for over 10 years. Courtney joins us with a 20-year background in financial services and has extensive experience in financial controls and workforce optimization. Courtney has a BS in Marketing from the University of Utah.  Courtney currently lives in Providence Rhode Island.


Chairman, President

Jonathan is a national leader on the front lines of the addiction epidemic. Following his own recovery from an overdose in 2013, he has become a passionate advocate for those who suffer from addiction, as well as a known activist to those whom don't believe recovery is worth fighting for. Currently, he volunteers at The Miriam Hospital and serves as an expert adviser to Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo's Overdose Prevention Taskforce in addition to his role as the Director of the Rhode Island Recovery Friendly Workplaces Initiative. Previous to this, he implemented and managed Anchor MORE, the first ever peer led street outreach program which utilizes real-time data to geographically target areas in need of Recovery supports, as well as the Providence Safe Stations program. His efforts with peer support specialists have become nationally recognized and funded through federal and state grants. Jonathan is also a published research author, which includes work in the American Journal of Public Health. He has received numerous awards for his efforts, including a 2019 Community Service Award from the National Association of Social Workers. His advocacy has risen to over 80 local and national media articles, as he promotes the message of hope for all.


His innovative strategies and successes have been highlighted by Hazelden Betty Ford, The NGA (National Governor’s Association), National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, PBS Newshour, A&E and countless others throughout the country. 


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